Gastel Prefabrykacja Stock Corporation was incorporated on 28.11.2012 with the core business of the manufacture of concrete, cement and gypsum products, i.e. PKD 2007: 23.6 code (especially 23.61.Z.). Gastel Prefabrykacja SA is part of Herkules Capital Group (with Herkules SA as the only shareholder). HERKULES SA, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, guarantees the highest standards of business relations.

HERKULES is the unquestionable leader of the Polish market of equipment supplies to capex projects and construction logistics. For years, the Company has provided mobile phone operators with turnkey telecommunication facilities. To add an innovative product to its portfolio for this market segment, the Group launched the manufacture of pretensioned concrete masts for mobile phone base stations, and overhead power line and advertising pylon supports at the plant in Karsin.


In 2012, Herkules announced the divestment of its subsidiary Gastel Prefabrykacja S.A.. The Karsin concrete precast plant and its advanced know-how were then in-kind contributed to the new company.