Welcome to Gastel Prefabrykacja S.A.


We are the leader in the manufacture of tall pretensioned concrete masts in Poland, and a manufacturer of precast/ pretensioned concrete and reinforced concrete containers.


We also provide acquisition, design, construction/ assembly, and maintenance services for the development of telecommunication, energy, and outdoor advertising facilities.



  • spun concrete masts for telecommunication and energy engineering
  • advertising pylons
  • power poles
  • reinforced concrete containers

Our offer is addressed primarily to the energy, telecommunication and advertising sectors.


As part of Herkules SA Group we're a capable provider of comprehensive construction services, and the experience gained and the diversification of our operations warrant the Company's growth, and successful expansion to new markets and industries.


Our business is general, and power and telecommunication specific civil engineering, we contribute to power grid development, and provide comprehensive telecommunication facility construction and fit-out services. In this respect we have been cooperating for years with the largest telecommunication companies in the market.